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We will never give up the most precious spirits of human - exploration, improvement and innovation. We are born with the rights to choose a most memorable lifestyle for enrichment of our days. We must be provided with the courage and the skills to take risks, as well the capacity to take responsibility and the capability to take challenges.


We respect the personality of every person, with the awareness that equality and tolerance means harmony and understanding, also the trend of social development. We are willing to be supportive and demonstrate the values of our own at the time of sacrifice. We are going to turn dreams into realities and ideas to actions; and take failures for tests and successes for encouragements. 


We will be consistently pursuing outstanding performances, avoiding exaggerations and superficial clever. We prefer straight analysis to ourselves than complacency and self-deception.


We have a reason to carry on the business as a special kind of art pursuit,  in which circumstance, we shall be rewarded not only materially but also spiritually. Therefore, we will not remain only on the level to create a world-class enterprise and manufacture world-class products, but world-class citizens.


We shall not trade our personality for the gains of profane transactions; neither shall we trade our dignity for the deals out of our principles, nor our reputation for the deals with poor-quality products. We are ready to be an upright man, an honest man and a heart-to-heart man.


We shall never give up whatever difficulties and setbacks we might encounter as we are born fighters. Such fighting is not only the happiest things in life, but also the only option in our life.

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